Mucha Trilogy

Chair ensemble, 2018
Location: Atelier Eido

This ensemble of two Art Nouveau chairs and an armchair (“patriarchal chair”) was created as part of the “New Heritage” exhibition on Munich’s Prater Island.

The three ladies are all borrowed from Alfons Mucha’s “The Precious Stones” series. They have, however, been individualised and reinterpreted through tattoos that illustrate the three original tattoo styles (Traditional, Maori, Japanese). Integrating these into the overall picture is perfectly possible without undermining the original character of the depiction. Besides their special visual appeal, the haptics of the motifs are particularly noteworthy. This is true especially for the ladies’ tattoos.

The chairs themselves originate from a small castle in Berlin and were manufactured at the end of the 19th century. The upholstery was completely renewed and covered with high-quality, chamois tanned deerskin.

With the kind support of the upholsterer Günter Hammerschall

New interpretation of a traditional craftsmanship.