Brandmalerei auf Leder


New interpretation of a traditional craftsmanship.


Pokerwork or pyrography (from the Greek πῦρ (pur) = fire, γραφός (graphos) = writing) is a traditional folk art that is utilised for decorating wood, leather, leather cardboard, velvet, fabric or cork.

The ancient Egyptians and tribes from Africa already practiced the art of fire writing. At that time, patterns were burned into the respective material with heated, glowing metal pins. During the 19th century, the technique gained popularity within artistic circles. Wood burning tools using benzene or methylated spirit fumes were developed, such as the so-called platinum pencil burning tool. Today, electrically heated burning pens and stamps are being employed.

I my artist’s studio, I specialise in the processing of natural types of leather, such as chamois tanned deerskin and cowhide. Through sinking the glowing tip of the soldering iron into the leather, it is sealed. Furthermore, by using various burning techniques, it is given a special structure of depth. The resulting three-dimensionality can also be distinctly perceived through the sense of touch. Drawing with fire does not tolerate mistakes – a steady hand is therefore imperative. This renders the artwork irrevocable, demanding from the artist an attitude of great humility and reverence during the working process.


Brandmalerei auf Leder


Pyrography artist by passion – that’s me. Through my own reorientation within the traditional craftsmanship of wood burning, I became a trendsetter in Germany.

My heart is burning for the work I do. Without doubt, that’s how I naturally happened to take ownership of fire in my craftsmanship – fire as the defining element in my artwork.

After studying graphics, I dedicated myself to the art of tattooing and have been able to refine my design skills over the past 15 years.

I’ve pursued pyrography for more than five years now and during this time have set it in a new context. Along the way, I’ve become an expert in burning leather art objects.

My works reveal my love of detail. They are entirely manufactured by hand – unique pieces that leave a lasting impression. In this way, natural leather receives a special refinement and a new classification as an art object.